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In Order Blog

Fascinating Finds From the Last 25 Years

If you’re a follower of mine or In Order on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll know that I’m celebrating 25 years in business, and I’m reveling in a very unique way. I’m revealing some of the more unique (and fun) “finds” that I’ve uncovered for clients while organizing their belongings.

Before I pull back the curtain on some of my finds, it’s important that you understand a few things.

SuperOrganizer Saves the Day!

First, I LOVE my clients. No matter what their space looks like, or what the situation, I walk in from a place of caring and respect.

Second, there is no room for judgement here – my mission comes from a deep passion to put things in order; as my About Page points out, “Deborah was raised by a terminal pack rat with hoarding tendencies, so she understands first-hand the devastation and frustration that excessive clutter can cause a family.”

So you see, I’m walking into my client’s homes with a positive and productive attitude – I’m here to help!

The last thing I want you to know is that after 25 years of business, this is not a hobby “for now” but a long term career – I’m not going anywhere! In fact, the company has recently welcomed two new employees so that we can help even more households, and I’m seeking one or two more employees to join our team.
So – I’ve kept you in suspense long enough – here are just 7 of the most outstanding items I’ve found:

1. $48,000 check
2. Diamond and emerald ring
3. Lost passport
4. WWII love letters
5. Civil War rifle
6. Expensive jewelry under rags
7. $10,000 check

You’ll want to head over to the social media posts to get the story behind these and all the rest. I’ve laughed and cried with my clients over the discovery of these long lost treasures. Every small discovery and victory is celebrated with caring.

Now while I can’t promise jewelry and money will be found at your home, I’d love the opportunity to save you stress and worry and aggravation.

Want to see all the incredible finds? Review all of them and more by following me on social media:

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