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What If Your Home Were as Relaxing as a Hotel Room?

Summer is a popular time to take vacation. Over the past several months, I’ve had the opportunity to ask a number of people how they enjoyed their vacation. Without fail, almost all of them replied that they wished they could live in their hotel rooms all the time.

That got me thinking…what is it about a hotel room that’s so inviting? And why are many people able to relax more and sleep better in a hotel?

First, the room is well organized; everything has a dedicated home. Second, hotel rooms tend to be streamlined and minimalist; you have only what you need. Third, hotel rooms contain very little paper. Other than a room service menu, dry cleaning/laundry price list, and perhaps a tourist magazine of local sites, there is practically no paper present.

So, how can you replicate the clean lines and simplicity of a hotel room at home?
Clear the clutter. Get rid of unnecessary items – the things you do not need, use, or love – and donate them. Your space will feel lighter with the excess removed.
Designate a home for your possessions. When items have a place to live, they don’t end up on your kitchen counter or dining room table. (Of course, you need to schedule time to return items to their homes.)
Process the paper. When paper comes into your home, either by mail, computer printouts, or documents you bring home, review it immediately to determine whether it must be saved. If so, decide whether to scan and save digitally, or save it in paper form in a hanging file folder in a file cabinet or file box. Then scan/file it as soon as possible (schedule time on your calendar if necessary) so the paper doesn’t build up.

If you need help incorporating any of these tips, let me know. I’d love to help you make your home feel as carefree and relaxing as your vacation hotel!