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Preventive Steps Prevent Clutter

The development I live in is currently under significant construction. The roofs, siding and driveways on all of the homes are being replaced. Unfortunately, the contractors do not do a great job of cleaning up after themselves each day. This morning, as I was walking my dog, I picked up the handful of nails you see here. I picked them up to prevent my car, and those of my neighbors, from getting flat tires.

Take preventative steps to avoid accumulation of clutter in New Jersey

Take preventative steps to avoid clutter…and flat tires!

Taking preventative steps to deal with the “stuff” in your house, as it comes into your home, can prevent large accumulations of clutter.

When you bring in the mail each day, sort through it; decide whether to recycle, shred, or keep each document. If it’s being kept, file it right away instead of letting a stack of papers build up on your counter or table.

When you go shopping, put away your purchases when you come into your home; avoid the inclination to drop your bags on the dining room table or in the entry hall.

If your child routinely brings home a bag or backpack filled with papers and artwork at winter break and at the end of the school year, take time to sort through and process the papers. Save the precious artwork (that’s a select few pieces, NOT everything!) and school work that is meaningful (NOT worksheets, test answer keys, etc.) and file them. Recycle the rest.

As Ben Franklin wrote, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”