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Organizing for Weight Loss: A Slim Little Guide to Getting Thinner

Certified Professional Organizer® Deborah Gussoff gives readers the skinny on getting thinner!

Deborah has successfully lost over 20 pounds and maintained that weight loss for over a decade.

Written during a global pandemic, this book was Deborah’s impetus to lose some additional weight by applying the same organizing concepts she teaches to her clients to her own weight loss journey.

Recently, when she went for her annual exam, her doctor exclaimed, “all of my other patients gained at least 10 pounds during the pandemic, you’re the only one who lost 10 pounds. How did you do that?” Read this book and learn Deborah’s organizing steps, process, and tips.

This slim little guide will not only help you on your weight loss journey, but in addition the concepts, tips, lists, and insights can be easily applied to tackling other projects that frustrate you in your home, office, or life.

Packed with organizing tips and helpful hints, this book will teach you:

  1. A smarter way to create and reach your goals
  2. How to organize your kitchen to facilitate your weight loss success
  3. How to stay motivated, even when life interferes
  4. How to organize your week to make time for health & fitness
  5. Why being organized simplifies and streamlines the process
  6. And much more

Take off the weight and take back your space!

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