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Organizing Your Car

Empty water bottles….crumpled napkins….torn candy wrappers….crushed soda cans….take-out menus….smashed empty juice boxes….crushed Cheerios®…..What’s lying in your car?

A few weeks ago, my neighbor was scheduled to pick up her brand new car. Before she could do that, however, she needed to empty and clean-out her current car. It took her almost two full hours! Last week, a friend offered to drive me to a function we were both attending. Before I could sit down in the passenger seat, she had to toss at least half a dozen empty cans of Diet Coke® into her back seat. Both events compelled me to share some tips for organizing and de-cluttering your car.

For many of us, our cars become extensions of our homes, and tend to collect the detritus associated with spending so much time in them.

Just like when organizing any space in your home, the use of containers in your car helps corral “stuff,” and keeps it in its designated place. In my car (see photos), I have a plastic folder with a Velcro® closure for take-out menus and another one for store coupons. I keep these easily accessible in the seat pocket behind the driver’s seat. They are easy to grab when I need them, and they don’t get scrunched in the door pocket or glove compartment. In my center console, I keep a pencil holder to hold pens, pencils, and an Emory board. A pack of index cards sits next to the pencil holder to make quick notes. Extra business cards are also there….I never know when someone will ask for organizing help!

In my glove compartment I have a small plastic container to house napkins. I keep a mileage log attached to my visor to make daily record keeping a breeze.

In my trunk, I keep a bag of reusable canvas bags so when I need to go grocery shopping, the totes are always with me. An over-the-seat hook keeps my umbrella easy to grab should it start to rain.

Each evening, before you exit your car for the last time that day, be sure to scoop up any garbage and toss it on your way into your home to keep your car looking nice and organized.
Organized Car