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Creating a Life Inventory — A Gift For You & Your Heirs

I took a three-hour seminar today on creating a Life Inventory for my clients.  I now have access to a very comprehensive piece of software which allows me to capture all of this information for a client. They can then store it on a travel drive, in the Cloud, and/or give it to their heirs or trusted adviser.   Essentially, it’s a comprehensive summary of everything in your life — financial summary, medical summary, possessions, contacts, family members, pets, passwords and domain names, digital afterlife,  tax history, and so much more. You can include photos and scanned documents. Great in the event of a natural disaster (insurance claims), incapacitation, or death. What a gift to make things simpler for yourself and your heirs.  Wish I had something like this when my Dad died….would have eliminated the “treasure hunt” I had to go through.

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