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A Recession is the Ideal Time to Get Organized

Regardless of whether or not you believe we are truly in a full-blown recession, a soft economic climate is the ideal time to get organized.  The cost of disorganization can be quite high, sometimes even astronomical. 

For example, you may have the same experience many of my clients complain about — going shopping and purchasing something only to find you already had two or three of the same item at home.  Knowing what you have, and being able to find it when you need it, will save you money.

Designating a holding spot for bills until it’s check-writing time can also save you money.  A misplaced or lost bill can incur late fees, which can often be quite significant.  In addition, paying bills late will negatively impact your credit rating, which can result in higher rates for mortgages, utility costs, etc.

Procrastinating can result in paying higher postage fees for overnight delivery, rather than standard mailing costs if the item were completed and mailed a few days earlier.

While storage units can be helpful, short-term solutions, they are expensive and those monthly fees can add up quickly. Use this as an opportunity to sort, purge and determine what you really need.  Getting rid of extraneous items (perhaps even selling them for some extra cash) will free up space in your home, perhaps allowing items in storage to return home, and permitting you to give up your storage unit.

As you are going through drawers and closets, be sure to check pockets of clothing items before adding them to a donation pile; often there is money lurking in those pockets!

A little organization can go a long way to reducing stress, and helping your pocketbook!

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  1. Kris Hintz says:

    I once heard of a disorganized person who hired an organizer, and the organizer actually found an uncashed check for several thousand dollars in his messy house. Another way that being organized can help you during a recession!

    • organizingexpert says:

      Kris, you make a great point.

      While I obviously cannot guarantee it, I rarely do a residential organizing job where we don’t find some money….in some cases it’s just a few coins, but in other cases it’s a large check like the one you heard about. I once found a check for $48,000 in a stack of unopened mail. Another time, literally 5 minutes after a client had asked “do we really need to sort through all these papers and mail–can’t we just throw it away?” I found a check, made out to her, from her grandmother’s conservator. The check was for $10,000 and had six days left until it would have been null and void.

      So, yes, being organized can save you money, and in some cases find it, too!

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